Kalpamrit Chyawanprash With Saffron is a Magical Booster dietary supplement. Kalpamrit Chyawanprash has many amazing and interesting health benefits for human being , it was gifted by our ancestors. However, it is effective only if the formulation and ingredients in right proportion are used. Because of its high value to health , acceptable by people, some agencies have taken undue advantage.

FACTS TO REMEMBER : Kalpamrit Ayurved has come up with Chyawanprash using pure saffron and is formulated with many Ayurvedic vital ingredients. Most of these ingredients like amla, guduci and Peppeli have been found to have immune boosting ability. "Kalpamrit Chyawanprash" has rejuvenation effects and strong antioxidant characteristics, which delay aging, improves immunity and prevent recurrent diseases such as upper respiratory infections, common cold, various types of infections, mental stress and prevents many more other health complications. Chyawanprash is a herbal supplement that can be taken by adults and children of any age. Both men and women benefit from a regular intake. It tastes sweet and slightly spicy. It appears a bit like jam: it is sticky and has a brown-black color. Chyawanprash can be stored outside the refrigerator and has a long shelve life.

1 Boost your immunity: The main ingredient used in the preparation of Chyawanprash is Amla, which is a highly rich source of Vitamin C that helps in boosting immunity. According to the Ayurveda study, Chyawanprash reduces activation of pathway in case of allergic inflammation, damaging the surrounding cells. Other investigation found that Chyawanprash increased the activity of immune cells. These cells play a role in case of non-specific immune responses and also reduce chances of infections.

2 Important for your respiratory system: The numerous herbs present in Chyawanprash help in proper functioning of your lungs by maintaining its moisture equal. People with chronic disease like asthma should definitely include Chyawanprash in their diet in order to manage their health condition better.

3 Enhances brain function: Chyawanprash contains several ingredients like amla, brahmi, Saffron, ashwagandha, etc. which necessarily improve brain function. The Ayurvedic formulation can be looked upon as memory enhancement with significant effects on learning ability, memory holding capacity and pro-cholinergic activity. Here are some different foods that you can add to your child's eating routine to support his/her intellectual power.

4 Tremendous for your heart: In today’s times, it is difficult to avoid foods high in cholesterol. This is responsible for the rising instances of heart disease among young people. Chyawanprash is greatly good for your heart as the many herbs present in it, flush the toxins out of your body and boost blood circulation.

5 Prevents ageing: Chyawanprash has numerous cancer prevention agents, which shields your skin from free common harm and ensures that indications of maturing like wrinkles and almost negligible differences don't show up. While nothing can prevent you from losing your youth, eating Chyawanprash will at least ensure that the process is extended.

6 Detoxifies the body: The unique preparation of Chyawanprash helps cleanse the blood and balance in body’s natural processes. It acts as a natural detoxifying agent that eliminates impurities from the blood.

There are several ways to eat Chyawanprash. You can spread it on a roti/ bread, consume it raw or even have it with hot or cold milk. Everyone from children to old adults can use it to stay healthy and strong.