Pineapple Jam

Pineapple Jam

Facts to know:

  • Kalpamrit Pineapple Jam is a preserve made from finest shredded pineapples, sugar, and citric acid. It is tangy, sweet and aromatic pineapple preserve.

  • It can be served as side dish in daily meals. Also, it can be stored for longer time. Open the jar and breathe in the tropical aroma.

  • This delicious pineapple preserve is exceptionally good across cuisines and dishes. Have it with your pancakes or add a spoon full to sandwiches for an incredible burst of royalty!!

  • This is a yummy and fairly healthy snack for children, spread out on toast and butter instead of jam.

  • Kalpamrit Pineapple Jam - Simply Good Food! :)