Sandal Beauty Soap

FACTS TO KNOW: Ayurveda was a very early adopter of the mantra that “beauty comes from within.” The 5,000 year-old-science is known for extolling the benefits of balancing the whole body, supporting digestive health, optimizing energy, and treating each individual according to her specific dosha (constitution)—and not just finding the right facial cleanser or aesthetician.

But that doesn’t mean you should ignore skin and hair. In fact, Ayurveda’s got more beauty practices than Beauty Soap With Sandal—and they all do double duty, boosting your overall wellness while they give you a glow.Skin care may take back seat in everyday hustle-bustle. This takes care of ill effects and damages caused due to chemical-laden cosmetics, stress and improper eating habits which snatch off skin’s natural radiance and glow. Since lifestyle and skin care contributes greatly not only to your looks but also on how you feel about yourself, you must take care of it.

Experience our pure, handmade and elegant Ayurvedic soaps from leading ayurvedic brand Kalpamrit . If you are looking for traditionally made authentic Ayurvedic soaps, using original, time-tested balanced Ayurvedic prescriptions you’ve come to the right place.Pure Natural, it offers the widest range of Kalpamrit Ayurveda;s and Ayurvedic soaps, 100% natural, made with ingredients prepared from organically-grown plants and herbs or collected by India’ s tribal communities from natural habitats.

Here is the Benefits of Kalpamrit Beauty Sandal Soap

  • Astringent: When applied externally astringents cause coagulation of skin proteins and are used to protect the skin from acne, insect bites, superficial cuts or abrasions and allergies.
  • Antiseptic: Antiseptics are antimicrobial substances that are applied to living tissue/ skin, to reduce the possibility of infection, sepsis or putrefaction.
  • Anti inflammatory: Tissues tend to swell up causing pain during an injury, which can be overcome by an anti inflammatory substance like sandalwood. Sandalwood is one of natures most versatile and effective skin care treatments, which have the following benefits:
    • Soft skin: One of the most sought after benefits of sandalwood is its characteristic of promoting soft skin. Sandalwood oil (either as a standalone or infused with other natural oils) when massaged into the skin to gives the best results.
    • Anti acne: Sandalwoods antibacterial properties are very effective in fighting the bacteria and fungi this preventing acne.

Different types, different properties: Our Kalpamrit Ayurveda Purifying sandal Soap, a rich herbal formula made with neem, is ideal for sensitive skin, as it cleanses and soothes skin irritations.For mature or dry skin, we offer Kalpamrit Ayurveda’ s sandel Soap, with aloevera, Pudina, pure shuhaga called as borrex and neem, which nourish the skin, keeping it smooth and supple. Our Ayurvedic beauty soap with sandal is designed to improve skin tone and texture. Suitable for all skin types.

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